Parental involvement

We value our contact with parents, and because of the important role we, as a school community, feel that you contribute towards your children's academic and social development.

We encourage parent participation in a number of ways, even though the majority of our parents do not speak Welsh.  We have invaluable help at concert times, making costumes, props, etc., helping to decorate corridors with a particular curriculum based theme, and parents also meet to make items for our P.T.A school fete.  We hope that all parents will encourage their children to complete their homework, involve themselves in our Home/School tasks, read to their children and talk about books and pictures (English or Welsh).  We also feel that we need to talk to you on a regular basis about your child's progress.

We ask all parents to reply to any requests made by letter--by returning reply--slips or sending toys, photos, junk, etc., with the children. 
All requests are aimed at helping to develop the children's independence, reliability and feeling of belonging  to our community, and to strengthen our links with you as parents.

Information for parents
Because of the wide catchment area from which our pupils travel daily, we ask all parents/guardians to provide home, work and emergency telephone numbers as a point of contact, should the need arise.  Likewise, we are available at school to answer queries or help solve any problems and help with any difficulties as, and when, they may occur.

Parents are regularly informed of school activities such as parents' meetings, P.T.A meetings, visits to the school, journeys out of school.  We therefore urge parents to search bags, pockets, etc., to ensure that notes are sent home arrive safely.

Admission and transfer information
Our school covers a wide catchment area, serving the Ogmore Valley from Nantymoel to Blackmill, the Garw Valley from Blaengarw to Llangeinor and Betws.

Children from all these areas can make a request to the school Nursery class (which accommodates 30 children) on attaining the age of 3 years by August 31st; or, if they are not admitted then, the reception class the following September, after reaching the age of 4 years by August 31st.

At the age of 11 years, pupils transfer to Ysgol Gyfun Llanhari.

Transfer details
Children who transfer to (or from) the school from (or to) another catchment area do so after contact with the former headteacher, in order that relevant pupil records may be transferred, and on the understanding that older pupils are fluent in the Welsh language.